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Himalayan Stone Massage

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Our stones are pure Himalayan pink salt rich in 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements that revitalize the body. The stones are warmed and used to deliver a truly unforgettable massage, 90-min.

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Elements Therapeutic Massage provides the best therapeutic massage in the market by customizing the massage to meet customers' needs. Therapeutic massage is medically proven to support health and wellness and affords benefits for both body and mind. Massage relieves pain, alleviates stress, bolsters sleep quality, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces depression, and strengthens the immune system. Customers at Elements Therapeutic Massage pair up with the board-certified massage therapist best qualified to address specific personal issues and concerns. Therapists then spend time with clients, gathering information about their conditions before customizing massages. During the massage, the therapists intuitively blend a variety of modalities, such as deep tissue, Swedish, and trigger-point therapy. Throughout the process, the therapist keeps communication going with the client. The therapist checks in with the client frequently to ensure the pressure level is appropriate and all problem areas are addressed. Our therapists attend to both health and stress-related conditions with gliding strokes and concentrated kneads that truly provide the best handcrafted massage in the market. Additional Information on Services Elements Therapeutic Massage offers 55 minute, 80 minute, and 110 minute massage sessions that incorporate a number of massage modalities to meet customer needs. We also offer hot stone massage for an additional upcharge per session. There is no additional charge for prenatal massage.

Elements Therapeutic Massage Vienna
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